System Features

All-in-One digital marketing solution

Ensight is a complete Marketing Automation Software solution. Update, distribute and analyse your digital marketing in a single, powerful and intuitive package.

It does it all..

Save time, money and resources with a myriad of automated marketing tools. Take the repetition and guesswork out of managing digital campaigns. Ensight offers a complete Marketing Automation Software package. Backed by full support, Ensight is fully customisable to allow you to:

  • Find and attract website visitors
  • Convert website visitors into customers
  • Engage existing customers
  • Consolidate all communication platforms

Cut through the clutter

With various Internet Marketing Software platforms available, very few can claim to do it all. Marketers are often left with the frustrating task of having to learn the intricacies of multiple platforms while suffering through manual processes to get to information and statistics.

Not only is this time consuming, but one never learns to use a particular platform to its full advantage. Since data is not centralised, time and effort is wasted on duplicating work. This results in scattered, misdirected communication that can do more harm than good.

Ensight has been designed around a single platform to circumnavigate the issues relating to multiple platforms. Campaigns can be managed from a single point, across multiple channels and various market segments, while up to date data can be accessed. A powerful CMS system allowing for quick and easy updates.

Ensight - Try the best digital marketing solution for your business


New, up to date, relevant and accurate - web and social content is the most powerful way to attract new and repeat visitors to your website properties. This is not just good for business, but good for your brand too; turn visitors into brand advocates. We have the tools to put you in the lead.


Once you have attracted leads and customers with our tools, it is time to persuade them to buy. Our platform enables marketers to create custom buyer journeys for individual contacts.


Keep existing customers hot and interested and gather new insights as you go along. We have just the tools to keep your audience engaged while you learn more about their habits and tastes.


Take full control of your Digital Marketing Strategy with up to date results and insights. Make informed decisions and adjustments and pinpoint your efforts to a relevant audience for maximum returns.